Farah Lalani

Farah Lalani is the Global VP, Head of Gaming, Trust & Safety Policy at Teleperformance and has spent over a decade working with clients in the media, gaming and tech sector. She is particularly interested in helping companies enforce their platform policies and community guidelines; prepare for upcoming digital regulation; and create a safer environment for their users and advertisers through content moderation and T&S services. She previously initiated and led the World Economic Forum’s Global Coalition for Digital Safety, working with regulators, business leaders, civil society experts, and academics to drive public-private cooperation on internet safety. Prior to the Forum, Farah consulted for a number of technology companies during her time 8 years at Accenture Strategy. Outside of work, she volunteers her time as a Mentor through All Tech is Human, contributes to the work of the Trust & Safety Professional Association, and volunteers with Aga Khan Development Network. She was a Fellow with the Internet Society and a TEDx speaker on the topic of online safety. She currently lives in Zurich, Switzerland and is originally from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.