Jan Rydzak

Jan Rydzak is the Company and Investor Engagement Manager at Ranking Digital Rights. He coordinates RDR's guidance to investors on companies' policies and practices that may affect human rights. He also leads RDR's engagement with companies throughout RDR's research process for its flagship products, the Big Tech Scorecard and the Telco Giants Scorecard. His research and other writing have been published in the International Journal of CommunicationForeign Policy, and The Conversation, among others. Prior to joining RDR, Rydzak worked as Associate Director for Program at the Global Digital Policy Incubator at Stanford University. He holds an MA in Foreign Languages from Marie Curie-Skłodowska University in Poland and a PhD from the University of Arizona, where he wrote a dissertation on the impact of network shutdowns on protest. Rydzak is fluent in Polish, Spanish, Portuguese, and French, and lives in Silver Spring, Maryland.