Lama Mohammed

Lama Mohammed (she/her) is a public affairs and communications expert specializing in artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and privacy. She previously worked on cybersecurity policy for D.C. government relations firms and peace and security policy for the United Nations. Lama is also an active member of the technology policy and socially responsible technology space, as she has contributed to university research on the intersections of policy, law, and technology, published podcasts on creating an inclusive Internet, and won second place in the Internet Law & Policy Foundry’s first Policy Hackathon advocating for equitable solutions to bring broadband access to the incarcerated community. Lama is a volunteer at All Tech Is Human, where she has co-authored reports on AI and human rights, building a better tech future, and technology and democracy. She is also a current Fellow and the New York Regional Chair of the Internet Law & Policy Foundry, where she manages the organization's social media accounts, designs the graphics, and is a frequent host and moderator on The Foundry’s podcast episodes and webinars. As an emerging voice in the technology policy community, Lama has spoken at a variety of conferences and panels, including the 2023 IAPP Global Privacy Summit, where she highlighted the privacy issues unique to the youth generation. Lama has also facilitated a security training on AI and currently coaches students about starting a career in public interest technology and technology policy.