Meri Baghdasaryan

Meri Baghdasaryan (she/her) is an international lawyer from Armenia, currently working on issues at the intersection of law and technology as a Senior Case and Policy Officer at the Oversight Board. Her expertise and experience focus on issues related to global free expression online, intermediary liability, and privacy and data protection. Meri has prior extensive experience in International human rights litigation and research. She served as a consultant for UNDP and the Council of Europe. She is an active member of various Internet Governance communities, such as the IGF, EuroDIG, and SEEDIG. She is a former Steering Committee Member of Youth Coalition on Internet Governance, and the IGF Dynamic Coalition on Internet Rights and Principles. Meri worked on technology and human rights issues in the U.S. and globally as a Legal Fellow at the Wikimedia Foundation and Electronic Frontier Foundation. She also conducted research and writing as a Special Publications Lead at the Content Policy and Society Lab (CPSL) at Stanford University and currently is a cohort leader for ‘Ethics, Technology and Public Policy for Practitioners’ course at Stanford University.