Richard Mallah

Richard Mallah is an AI Safety Researcher at Future of Life Institute, focusing on technical, strategy, and policy aspects of transformational AI safety. With over two decades in AI R&D leadership, and experience in high-stakes risk management, management consulting, product management, and entrepreneurship, he brings a wide-angle perspective to metaresearch, analysis, advocacy, strategy, and field building work aiming for more beneficial outcomes from the transition to general-purpose AI systems. At the new Center for AI Risk Management & Alignment, which he leads, his focus is on filling key multidisciplinary gaps to ameliorating societal risks from upcoming transformative AI systems. Richard is also a Senior Fellow at Foresight Institute, a Senior Advisor to VC firm Lionheart Ventures, AI Strategy Director at SuccessIf, and an Executive Committee member of IEEE'a Global Initiative on Ethics of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems.