Vandinika Shukla

Vandinika Shukla is a human rights and technology policy specialist. She has designed national gender policies at UN Women, built electoral campaign AI products to represent BIPOC voices in policymaking at MIT Media Lab, and launched a community organizing portfolio at Harvard. Vandinika writes on technology and democracy, movement building, gender justice, women’s political participation, and international relations. Her work has been featured in Slate Magazine, Huffington Post, Tech Policy Press, All Tech Is Human, and Indian national dailies. As a Belfer Fellow, she recently published her research on platform policy to mitigate online harm against journalists and contributed to cybersecurity expert Bruce Schneier’s new book, A Hacker’s Mind. Vandinika has served as the Editor in Chief of the Harvard Kennedy Review and taught ‘Politics of the Press’ with Nancy Gibbs at Harvard. A European Union and G20 Young Leader, she continues to advise multilateral political leadership on emerging technology’s impact on youth and underrepresented communities. Vandinika holds a Master in Public Policy from Harvard Kennedy School and an MSc in International Relations from the London School of Economics. She serves on the Board of Directors for Fora Network for Change and Represent Women.