The Aspen Tech Policy Hub Announces Partnership with Tech Policy Press to Provide Exclusive Thought Leadership

Justin Hendrix / Aug 16, 2021

Today, the Aspen Tech Policy Hub and Tech Policy Press announced a forthcoming collaboration that will create space for thought leaders working at the intersection of technology and policy to share insights, ask provocative questions and start the conversations that will change how we ensure tech works for people.

Starting in September, Tech Policy Press will host new original articles and opinion pieces from Aspen Tech Policy trainees each month. These articles will be available exclusively with Tech Policy Press and will apply a critical lens to all aspects of tech policy and public interest technology.

“This couldn’t come at a better time,” said Betsy Cooper, Director of the Aspen Tech Policy Hub. “There is a real need for an outlet that can serve as a meeting point for all the stakeholders working at the intersection of tech and policy, and I am so excited that we’ll be able to start building that with Tech Policy Press.”

This relationship will lead to an even more robust conversation among technologists and policymakers and make Tech Policy Press the go-to source for in-depth and issue-specific insights. Aspen Tech Policy trainees are emerging leaders in technology and policy, bringing their unique skill set to bear on issues including misinformation policy, cybersecurity policy, digital service delivery and more.

“One of the goals we have for Tech Policy Press is to develop and advance new voices and new ideas at the intersection of technology and policy,” said Justin Hendrix, CEO and Editor of Tech Policy Press. “The expertise and diversity of the individuals selected by the Aspen Tech Policy Hub for its training programs promises we’ll see fresh thinking emerge out of this partnership that can lead to change.”

The Aspen Tech Policy Hub is a West Coast policy incubator, training a new generation of tech policy entrepreneurs. Modeled after tech incubators like Y Combinator, the Hub takes tech experts, teaches them the policy process through fellowship and executive education programs in the Bay Area, and encourages them to develop outside-the-box solutions to society’s problems.

Tech Policy Press is a nonprofit media and community venture intended to provoke new ideas, debate and discussion at the intersection of technology and democracy. It publishes opinion and analysis.

For more information, contact: Betsy Cooper, Executive Director of the Aspen Tech Policy Hub at betsy.cooper@aspeninstitute.org and Justin Hendrix, CEO and Editor, Tech Policy Press at justin@techpolicy.press. Sign up to Tech Policy Press’s newsletter for updates here: https://techpolicy.press/newsletter/.

See the announcement at the Aspen Tech Policy Hub website.


Justin Hendrix
Justin Hendrix is CEO and Editor of Tech Policy Press, a new nonprofit media venture concerned with the intersection of technology and democracy. Previously, he was Executive Director of NYC Media Lab. He spent over a decade at The Economist in roles including Vice President, Business Development & ...