The Facebook Papers: A Conversation with The Atlantic's Adrienne LaFrance

Justin Hendrix / Oct 27, 2021

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This week’s revelations in what has come to be known as the Facebook papers- reports based on a trove of documents brought forward by whistleblower Frances Haugen- are keeping Facebook and its senior executives at the top of news feeds around the world. In the avalanche of coverage, one particular piece stood out to me-one written by Adrienne LaFrance, executive editor of The Atlantic, and a writer and observer that I regard has having a keen insight into issues at the intersection of technology and democracy.

The piece is titled ‘HISTORY WILL NOT JUDGE US KINDLY’: Thousands of pages of internal documents offer the clearest picture yet of how Facebook endangers American democracyand show that the company’s own employees know it. I had the opportunity to speak with her about the piece and pose additional questions about the company and its response to these leaks.


Justin Hendrix
Justin Hendrix is CEO and Editor of Tech Policy Press, a new nonprofit media venture concerned with the intersection of technology and democracy. Previously, he was Executive Director of NYC Media Lab. He spent over a decade at The Economist in roles including Vice President, Business Development & ...