The Facebook Papers: An Anthology

Justin Hendrix / Oct 25, 2021

A consortium of 19 news organizations have begun to publish articles based on documents leaked by former Facebook product manager Frances Haugen. Click on a title to see a list of contributions from that outlet. This list will be updated.

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The Wall Street Journal

Jeff Horwitz. September 13, 2021. Facebook Says Its Rules Apply to All. Company Documents Reveal a Secret Elite That’s Exempt

Georgia Wells, Jeff Horwitz and Deepa Seetharaman. September 14, 2021. Facebook Knows Instagram Is Toxic for Many Teen Girls, Company Documents Show

Keach Hagey and Jeff Horwitz. September 15, 2021. Facebook Tried to Make Its Platform a Healthier Place. It Got Angrier Instead.

Justin Scheck, Newley Purnell and Jeff Horwitz. September 16, 2021. Facebook Employees Flag Drug Cartels and Human Traffickers. The Company’s Response Is Weak, Documents Show.

Sam Schechner, Jeff Horwitz and Emily Glazer. September 17, 2021. How Facebook Hobbled Mark Zuckerberg’s Bid to Get America Vaccinated

Georgia Wells and Jeff Horwitz. September 28, 2021. Facebook’s Effort to Attract Preteens Goes Beyond Instagram Kids, Documents Show

Wall Street Journal Staff. September 29, 2021. Facebook’s Documents About Instagram and Teens, Published

Stephanie Stamm, John West and Deepa Seetharaman. October 1, 2021. Is Sheryl Sandberg’s Power Shrinking? Ten Years of Facebook Data Offers Clues

Jeff Horwitz. October 3, 2021. The Facebook Whistleblower, Frances Haugen, Says She Wants to Fix the Company, Not Harm It

Deepa Seetharaman, Jeff Horwitz and Justin Scheck. October 17, 2021. Facebook Says AI Will Clean Up the Platform. Its Own Engineers Have Doubts.

Sam Schechner and Jeff Horwitz, October 21, 2021. How Many Users Does Facebook Have? The Company Struggles to Figure It Out

Newley Purnell and Jeff Horwitz. October 23, 2021. Facebook Services Are Used to Spread Religious Hatred in India, Internal Documents Show

Jeff Horwitz and Justin Sheck. October 25, 2021. Facebook Increasingly Suppresses Political Movements It Deems Dangerous

The Atlantic

Adrienne LaFrance. October 25, 2021. The Facebook Papers: ‘HISTORY WILL NOT JUDGE US KINDLY’

Ellen Cushing. October 25, 2021. How Facebook Failed the World

The Associated Press

David Klepper and Amanda Seitz. October 26, 2021. Facebook froze as anti-vaccine comments swarmed users

Isabel Debre and Fares Akram. October 25, 2021. Facebook’s language gaps weaken screening of hate, terrorism

Barbara Ortutay. October 25, 2021. People or profit? Facebook papers show deep conflict within

Jon Gambrell and Jim Gomez. October 25, 2021. Apple once threatened Facebook ban over Mideast maid abuse

Sheikh Saaliq and Krutika Pathi. October 25, 2021. Facebook dithered in curbing divisive content in India

Alan Suderman and Joshua Goodman. October 23, 2021. Amid the Capitol riot, Facebook faced its own insurrection


Rishi Iyengar. October 26, 2021. Facebook has language blind spots around the world that allow hate speech to flourish

Clare Duffy. October 25, 2021. The Facebook Papers may be the biggest crisis in the company's history

Clare Duffy. October 25, 2021. Facebook has known it has a human trafficking problem for years. It still hasn't fully fixed it

Eliza Mackintosh. October 25, 2021. Facebook knew it was being used to incite violence in Ethiopia. It did little to stop the spread, documents show

Donie O’Sullivan. October 25, 2021. Revealed: How Facebook promoted QAnon to a 'North Carolina mom'

Donie O’Sullivan. October 25, 2021. Messages show what employees were saying about Facebook's role in the insurrection

Donie O'Sullivan, Tara Subramaniam and Clare Duffy. October 22, 2021. Not stopping 'Stop the Steal:' Facebook Papers paint damning picture of company's role in insurrection

NBC News

Brandy Zadrozny. October 22, 2021. ‘Carol’s Journey’: What Facebook knew about how it radicalized users

Today Show. October 25, 2021. Internal Facebook documents reveal more red flags about misinformation on site

David Ingram, Olivia Solon, Brandy Zadrozny and Cyrus Farivar. October 25, 201. The Facebook Papers: Documents reveal internal fury and dissent over site’s policies

Fox Business

Lucas Manfredi. October 25, 2021. Zuckerberg slams Facebook Papers, defends company's record

Howard Kurtz. October 25, 2021. Facebook aides say company fueled violence

The New York Times

Sheera Frenkel and Davey Alba. October 23, 2021. In India, Facebook Grapples With an Amplified Version of Its Problems

Mike Isaac. October 25, 2021. Facebook Wrestles With the Features It Used to Define Social Networking

Ryan Mac and Sheera Frenkel. October 22, 2021. Internal Alarm, Public Shrugs: Facebook’s Employees Dissect Its Election Role

The New York Times. October 25, 2021. The Facebook Papers and their fallout.

The Washington Post

Sarah Ellison and Elahe Izadi. October 26, 2021. ‘Definitely not the results we want’: Facebook staff lamented ‘perverse incentives’ for media

Will Oremus, Chris Alcantara, Jeremy B. Merrill and Artur Galocha. October 26, 2021. How Facebook shapes your feed

Jeremy B. Merrill and Will Oremus. October 26, 2021. Five points for anger, one for a ‘like’: How Facebook’s formula fostered rage and misinformation

Cat Zakrzewski, Gerrit De Vynck, Niha Masih and Shibani Mahtani. October 25, 2021 How Facebook neglected the rest of the world, fueling hate speech and violence in India

Elizabeth Dwoskin, Tory Newmyer and Shibani Mahtani. October 25, 2021. The case against Mark Zuckerberg: Insiders say Facebook’s CEO chose growth over safety

Craig Timberg, Elizabeth Dwoskin and Reed Albergotti. October 22nd, 2021. Inside Facebook, Jan. 6 violence fueled anger, regret over missed warning signs

Craig Timberg. October 22, 2021. New whistleblower claims Facebook allowed hate, illegal activity to go unchecked

Cristiano Lima. October 25, 2021. A whistleblower’s power: Key takeaways from the Facebook Papers

The Verge

Russell Brandom, Alex Heath, and Adi Robertson. October 25, 2021. Eight Things We Learned From the Facebook Papers

Casey Newton. October 25, 2021. The Tier List: How Facebook Decides Which Countries Need Protection

Alex Heath. October 25, 2021. Facebook's Lost Generation

USA Today

Jessica Guyn. October 25, 2021. Facebook says it’s winning the fight against hate speech targeting Black Americans. Its own research says otherwise

Terry Collins, Rachel Axon, Aleszu Bajak, Kenny Jacoby, Marisa Kwiatkowski, Jessica Guynn, Brett Molina. October 25, 2021. Facebook papers: What we know about how misinformation and extremism spread from whistleblower

October 24, 2021. The story of Carol and Karen: Two experimental Facebook accounts show how the company helped divide America


Elizabeth Culliford and Brad Heath. October 25, 2021. Facebook knew about, failed to police, abusive content globally - documents

CBS News

Musadiq Bidar. October 25, 2021. Liberals to "Moscow Mitch," conservatives to QAnon: Facebook researchers saw how its algorithms led to misinformation

Laurie Seagall. October 25, 2021. Former Facebook Executive Says Leaked Documents Show Platform's Harm


Gilad Edelman. October 25, 2021. How to Fix Facebook, According to Facebook Employees

Steven Levy. October 25, 2021. Facebook Failed the People Who Tried to Improve It

Tom Simonite. October 25, 2021. Facebook Is Everywhere; Its Moderation Is Nowhere Close

Financial Times

Hannah Murphy. October 22, 2021. Facebook confronts growth problems as number of young users in US declines

Hannah Murphy and Dave Lee. October 25, 2021. Employees pleaded with Facebook to stop letting politicians bend rules

Martha Muir and Hannah Murphy. October 22, 2021. Facebook bungled efforts to curb explosion of hate speech ahead of Capitol attack

Hannah Murphy, Dave Lee and Madhumita Murgia. October 25, 2021. Four revelations from the Facebook Papers


Rachel Martin. October 25, 2021. What Facebook’s Internal Documents Reveal About the Company

Rachel Martin and Shannon Bond. October 25, 2021. How the 'Stop the Steal' movement outwitted Facebook ahead of the Jan. 6 riot


Daniel Zudjik and Michael Riley. October 25, 2021. Facebook Staff Say Core Products Make Misinformation Worse

Anna Edgerton, David McLaughlin and Sara Forden. October 25, 2021 Facebook Whistleblower Files Reveal Internal Struggle: Profit Vs. Public Safety

Kurt Wagner and David McLaughlin. October 25, 2021. Facebook, Alarmed by Teen User Drop, Left Investors in the Dark

Bloomberg News. October 25, 2021 Inside the Facebook Files: 5 Things the Leaked Documents Reveal

Naomi Nix and Lauren Etter. October 25, 2021. Facebook’s Hate Speech Problem Worried Its Own Analysts

Michael Riley, October 22, 2021. Facebook Faulted by Staff Over Jan. 6 Insurrection: 'Abdication'


Leah Nylan. October 25, 2021. Facebook documents offer a treasure trove for Washington’s antitrust war

John Hendel. October 25, 2021. ‘This is NOT normal’: Facebook employees vent their anguish

Alexandra Levine. October 25, 2021. Inside Facebook’s struggle to contain insurrectionists’ posts

Julia Aciga and Susannah Luthi. October 25, 2021. How Facebook users wield multiple accounts to spread toxic politics

Mark Scott. October 25, 2021. Facebook did little to moderate posts in the world’s most violent countries

Emily Birnbaum. October 25, 2021. Facebook's 'fatal flaw': Staff spar over the sway of their lobbyists

Süddeutsche Zeitung

Simon Hurtz, Lena Kampf, Till Krause, Andrian Kreye, Georg Mascolo and Frederik Obermaier. October 25, 2021. Inside view of a global corporation

Simon Hurtz, Lena Kampf, Till Krause, Andrian Kreye, Georg Mascolo and Frederik Obermaier. October 25, 2021. This is in the "Facebook Files"

Le Monde

Martin Untersinger. October 25, 2021. On Facebook, the fiasco of moderation in Arabic

Damien Leloup. October 25, 2021. In the Facebook control tower during the assault on the Capitol

Alexandre Piquard. October 25, 2021. Facebook Files: outside the United States, the weaknesses of moderation in dozens of languages

About the Consortium

The Associated Press. October 25, 2021. EXPLAINER: Just what are ‘The Facebook Papers,’ anyway?

Paul Farhi. October 25, 2021. The massive Facebook leak shows how investigative journalism is changing

Mark DiStefano and Sylvia Varnham. October 22, 2021. New Facebook Storm Nears as CNN, Fox Business and Other Outlets Team Up on Whistleblower Docs

Sara Fischer. Axios, October 24, 2021. Scoop: Facebook exec warns of "more bad headlines"

Ben Smith. The New York Times, October 24, 2021. Inside the Big Facebook Leak

Alex Kantrowitz. October 26, 2021. I'm in the consortium possessing the leaked Facebook documents. Let's dissolve it.


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