The Sunday Show: Technology Is Not Neutral

Justin Hendrix / Feb 27, 2022

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Upstream from concerns about policy, we enter the realm of ethics- and that is where we’ll spend today’s podcast. My guest is Stephanie Hare, the author of Technology Is Not Neutral: A Short Guide to Technology Ethics, published on February 22nd in London Publishing Partnership’s Perspectives series. The book was edited by Diane Coyle.

Technology Is Not Neutral, published February 22nd by London Publishing Partnership

Stephanie is a researcher and broadcaster with an expertise in technology, politics and history. As part of the BBC Expert Women program, she often shares her insights on television and radio. She has been a technology consultant and an academic, earning a PhD in Theory and History of International Relations from the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Commenting on the publication of the book, Dr Rumman Chowdhury, director of Machine Learning Ethics, Transparency, and Accountability at Twitter said that “Technology Is Not Neutral is a clear-eyed look into the real-world and immediate implications of technological systems. The book provides a cautious but optimistic view of the potential for humankind to create responsive and responsible technology, using an interdisciplinary focus that is both engaging and empowering to the reader.”


Justin Hendrix
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