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No Section 230 Immunity for AI Act - S.1993

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The bill limits federal liability protection, sometimes referred to as Section 230 protection, that generally precludes providers and users of an interactive computer service from being held legally responsible for content provided by a third party. Specifically, the bill removes the protection if the conduct giving rise to the liability involves the use or provision of generative artificial intelligence (i.e., an artificial intelligence system that is capable of generating novel text, video, images, audio, and other media based on prompts or other forms of data provided by a person).


December 13, 2023. Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO), who sponsored the bill, put forward a unanimous consent motion to force a vote. It was rejected by the Senate, with an objection from Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX). Ahead of Hawley's motion, a group of civil society organizations sent a letter to Senate leaders opposing the bill.

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